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Finist the Falcon Extrait de Parfum
Finist the Falcon Extrait de Parfum
Finist the Falcon Art
Finist the Falcon Extrait de Parfum

Finist the Falcon Extrait de Parfum

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Bulgarian rose married with dewy Russian rose, swirled in strawberry, currant, & peach kissel with cream.

Inspired by the magical rose that acted as the catalyst for the story of Finist the Falcon, this scent has an intoxicating, bright rose that dances on the skin with an almost effervescent quality. The Bulgarian absolute imparts a candied rose petal aspect, while the Russian Rose gives a slightly greener, dewier effect. When blended with fresh fruit and cream, it truly evokes the magical kissel* that flows through the rivers of the magical realm.

*Kissel is a traditional Russian dessert made in the spring and summer with fresh fruits simmered in sugar and honey, chilled, and then drizzled with fresh cream.

Extrait de parfum. Ingredients: denatured alcohol (isopropyl myristate for international orders), fragrance. 1 oz glass bottle with fine mist spray pump.


The story of Finist the Falcon begins with a merchant, who asks his three daughters what they would like from Moscow when he leaves to sell his wares. The two eldest request furs, jewels, and clothes, but his youngest, Masha, asks only for a red rose. When he fails to bring her a rose when her sisters are lavished with presents, he vows to bring her back this flower on his third trip, no matter the cost.

The father finds the most beautiful, fragrant rose he has ever seen, and asks an old sorcerer if he can take the rose from his garden, because it is a gift for his favorite daughter. The sorcerer says he can sense this girl is kind and pure of heart, and says she can have the magical flower if she will marry his son, Finist. The merchant agrees.

Masha is delighted with the flower and sets it on her windowsill. When night falls, a beautiful young man with falcon wings comes to her window every night, and almost immediately they are in love. 

The jealous sisters overhear whispers in their sister's room at nighttime, and set knives and broken glass along their sister's windowsill, which slices Finist the Falcon so deeply that he nearly dies. Wounded and convinced his beloved tried to kill him, he flies off and vows never to return. 

In grief, Masha knows that she must seek the help of Baba Yaga. Knowing the dangers, she wanders in the forest until she is past exhaustion, and then the chicken house appears to her. Baba Yaga tells her that Finist the Falcon is now to be married to a wicked princess who has him under a spell with a love potion, and that the realm is beyond the mortal one. If she desires to ever see him again, she will have to cross  thrice-nine lands to the thrice-ninth kingdom to find him. Before she leaves, Baba Yaga gives her a pearl hair pin. 

Masha walks across thrice-nine lands to the thrice-ninth kingdom, in magical lands where time is different, and finds herself at a great river of berry and cream kissel, and knows she is in the magical kingdom beyond the mortal realm. 

She collapses at the edge of the strange land, and is awoken by the princess, who covets the pearl hair clip given to her by Baba Yaga. Masha offers to gift her the jewelry piece, if she will let her spend the night with Finist first. The princess agrees to her terms, but Masha finds that she cannot wake him as he is under a deep spell. 

As dawn comes, Masha begins to cry over Finist's comatose body. As her tears fall on his cheek, he wakes up. The magical pearl hair clasp from Baba Yaga held the power of the ocean, and when combined with the sadness and saltiness of Masha's tears, it was able to break the strong magical spell. 

Masha explains that to Finist that it was her sisters who tried to kill him, and that the princess of this land has had him under a deep spell for a long time. Together, they reveal the princess to be wicked to her people, and leave the land forever to live happily in the mortal realm for the remainder of their long days. 

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