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Collection: Goetia Collection - EDPs

The first of five books that comprise the Lemegeton, the Ars Goetia is one of the most infamous grimoires of modern occult studies. The word Goetia is derived from the Greek word "goeteia" for "sorcery."

Although often credited to the writings of King Solomon, the Ars Goetia is an anonymous grimoire most likely penned by medieval magical practitioners who were inspired by Solomon’s storied feats of evocation and his binding of Goetic spirits.

The true nature of the spirits described in this collection have been intentionally obscured and slandered over millennia, struck down and cast as demonic beings during the rise of monotheistic religions. Most of the Goetia can be traced back to pagan deities who guided the lives of those in the ancient world. These are energies that reflect the universe itself, embodying love and prosperity that is balanced with the capacity for darkness and destruction. 


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