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About Perfume Oils

Perfume oils differ from alcohol-based perfumes (EDPs) in that the oil they're made with is skin-hydrating, and since oil is less volatile than alcohol, the fragrance will have less sillage and throw, wearing more closely to the skin. Oils also react more to your own unique skin chemistry than EDPs. This carrier is also the original in perfumery fragrant resins, spices, and herbs were steeped in oil in Ancient Egypt as early as 10,000 BCE. 

**We use fractionated coconut oil as our carrier oil, and our oils are always made at extrait strength with 30-40% pure fragrance compounds in every batch. Extrait de parfum, which translates from the French as "perfume extract," is known in perfumery as the highest concentration of scent available.

RestingUpon receiving your order in the mail, it's always a good idea to let your perfumes rest for a couple days at least before trying them. Extremes of heat and cold during travel can temporarily alter the scent of a perfume.

ApplicationDab the oil on your pulse points - wrists, neck, behind your ears and knees. These areas will warm the scent and make it stronger. 

Be sure to only apply light pressure when smoothing perfume onto your skin. This will allow you to fully experience the top and heart notes.

To apply our rollerballs, remove the protective film if present, then roll over your pulse points. To get more flow from rollerballs, press straight down firmly on the ball with your thumb and roll it around in the housing to loosen it. Repeat this process until the flow is as desired.

To apply our 1.5 ml sample vials, you can seal the opening with your finger and tilt the bottle until the oil coats your fingertip. Then apply to your pulse points. 

To open our free sample vials, wiggle the cap back and forth carefully while gently lifting. Apply to your skin with the attached applicator wand, or you may tip the vial upside down with your finger over the opening to get a slightly larger amount.

Trying: Never test more than one perfume at once, this can easily smother certain notes and tire out your nose. 

Perfume plays off your skin chemistry and goes through its own aging process. Test over time to see how it changes.

Safety: It is always advisable to test a small amount of any new perfume on the sensitive skin of your inner elbow before use. If signs of irritation develop such as burning, redness/rash, or itching then discontinue use immediately and wash the perfume off with soap and warm water.

Please always consult with your doctor before using fragrances (including natural perfumes) if you are pregnant or nursing, or if you have a health condition which can be affected by the use of fragrances.

Perfume is for topical use only – do not ingest, no matter how good it smells! Please keep all perfume out of reach of children and pets.

Storage: Perfume can live a long, happy life if stored in a cool, dry place away from sunlight and temperature fluctuations. Rollerballs have the potential to leak if not stored upright. Be sure that the lids are on tightly to avoid evaporation and oxidation. When stored properly, they will last for many years. 


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