About Us

Fantôme (French for 'phantom') is a small company co-owned and operated by Bree and Megan Elliott (married), on the Washington Coast. Scent is our passion, and we create signature perfume oils and eau de parfum (alcohol-based perfume) from fine ingredients, all of which are hand-blended and bottled by us in small batches. 

Our scents are inspired by the paranormal and the often forgotten, overlooked, and feared thread of magic that weaves throughout the ages of human history. 
We draw from mythology, fantasy, and the scent-memories of our own world travels.


Bree (left) and Megan (right) at the Ilwaco, WA farmer's market. 


Bree has been obsessed with making perfume since she was a small child. She dreams up and executes ideas for all of our fragrances. She also takes care of marketing, design, and running our social media.

Megan has fun keeping things organized and is nerdy about business. She runs the production, packaging, and shipping side of things while staying on top of the bookkeeping and taxes.

We fell in love after swapping ghost stories at a disastrous Christmas party, and things have been pretty spooky since. We translated this geeky love of all things travel, historical, occult, and arcane into what we do, allowing our mutual interests to inspire the direction for each perfume collection theme.