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Duende 10ml Rollerball
Duende 10ml Rollerball Side
Steel Rollerball Close up
Large 10ml rollerball with cap off
Duende Label


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Bold, green, woody

The smell of being lost in an enchanted forestwith oakmoss, cedar, fir, resinous labdanum, benzoin, tree sap, wild violets, and lilac. 

Named for the fabled fey folk of Spanish & Latin American mythology who help the lost find their way out of the forest...or lead them astray. Duende is a perfume that conjures a dark and beautiful forest, achieved through the use of natural resins: myrrh, benzoin, and labdanum give the scent depth while still maintaining the veil of mystery. 

 Both sizes feature glass bottles. 10 ml has a stainless steel rollerball and gold cap, 1.5 ml has a glass rollerball and black cap.


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