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EDP Sample Pack - Japan Collection (6 Scents)
EDP Sample Pack - Japan Collection (6 Scents)

EDP Sample Pack - Japan Collection (6 Scents)

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An easy, more affordable way to become familiar with our Japan Collection. This sample pack contains all six scents from the collection in 1.5 ml glass sample bottles with spray tops.  

Powdery, floral, classic. Delicate ume (plum) blossom, rose-scented makeup powder, white tea, creamy honey, paper parasols. 

Fruity, floral, resinuous. Ripe apricot, juicy peach, tree sap, golden blossoms with a hint of citrus, and deep, resinous amber.

Gourmand, vanilla, sweet. Fried pastry dough, fluffy vanilla cream filling, and a light dusting of matcha powder.  

 Kyuu Kohi
Tropical, atmospheric, balmy. Coffee, nag champa incense, a warm tropical breeze, summer rain on pavement, and a drop of vanilla cream. 

Aquatic, atmospheric, vanilla. Salt water canals, melted vanilla ice cream, buzzing neon, and a grounding hint of motor oil.

Warm, earthy, resinous. The welcoming and familiar scent of a Japanese temple. Tatami--rice straw mats warmed in the sun--with a hint of temple incense. 


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