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Ectoplasm 10ml rollerball
Ectoplasm Side 10ml
Steel Rollerball Close up
Rollerball with Cap off
Ectoplasm Label Art


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Sweet, Creamy, Atmospheric

Spooky, goopy marshmallow over bone-chilling white musk, sweet amber, a gossamer sugar glaze, dark myrrh, and creeping greenery. 

Mediums in the Spiritualism movement were able to exude this white supernatural substance from their mouths, noses, and ears. Either gauzy or viscous, it was widely believed that spirits were able to drape ectoplasm over their ethereal form during séances in order to physically manifest themselves to the living.  

 Both sizes feature glass bottles. 10 ml has a stainless steel rollerball and gold cap, 1.5 ml has a glass rollerball and black cap.

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