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Faun 10ml Rollerball
Faun 10ml Rollerball Side
Stainless Steel Rollerball Close up
Large 10ml rollerball with cap off
Faun Label Art


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Green, deep, musky

Opens with a deceptive hint of sweetness from neroli, grapefruit, and iris—then deepens into dark vetiver, oakmoss swirled in amber, and hints of animalic musk. 

Fauns are often tricksters in mythology. The earliest accounts had them inspiring fear in lost travelers who encountered them in the wild, with the ability to guide if they chose instead. A faun is often portrayed as clever but naivehalf beast and half man—and a follower of Pan, the god of the wilderness.


Both sizes feature glass bottles. 10 ml has a stainless steel rollerball and gold cap, 1.5 ml has a glass rollerball and black cap.


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